Our Philosophy

“Transforming the conflict, facilitating the conversation, enabling the parties”

We are experts in helping individuals or organisations build confidence, skill and capacity to deal with conflict, collaborate, implement change, have difficult conversations, make difficult decisions and problem solve.

It is our approach to managing conflict that sets us apart. At Cyngler Consulting you will find a passionate group of consultants engaged in the practice of empathic listening, focused on supporting individuals in conflict and empowering people to manage their own response to conflict and change.

"My approach to managing conflict – whether in a formal or informal setting – is always based on open, honest and empathic engagement, through what is described as a transformative or emergent methodology. This approach encourages individuals and organisations to gain clarity about their objectives, their goals and their aspirations. What do they see as blockers to achieving them? What are the critical things needed to break through an impasse? This approach enables people to tell their story in a safe and supported environment and to become clear about their choices. Ultimately it’s about people feeling empowered to make the right choices for them and being able to fully engage with others in conflict."

Jim Cyngler, Director

Our Company

Jim works with a small team of consultants who are passionate about empowering people to manage their own response to conflict and change.

We recognise that every individual and organisation is unique. And that means every conflict involving those individuals or organisations is different.

That’s why our approach is based on helping all people involved identify their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, prejudices and points of resistance to resolving the conflict.