“Providing Conflict Management Consulting, Mediation and Facilitation Services and Training and Development”

We recognise that every individual and organisation is unique. And that means every conflict involving those individuals or organisations is different.

That’s why our approach is based on helping all people involved identify their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, prejudices and points of resistance to resolving the conflict.

With this insight, and equipped with the skills to analyse and communicate these points, we can help individuals and organisations to feel empowered to make decisions, respond to others, resolve points of difference and move forward.

Our services span from mediation and facilitation, to providing organisational and community consulting to boards, communities, organisations and individuals.

Our training programs are designed for building capacity within individuals and organisations to manage change and conflict. As keynote Speakers, we can deliver at any Conference or Seminar, for training or continuing professional development.

Our approach is flexible and based on the needs of each client.

We offer bespoke conflict management services and advice that may include one or several of the following:

Mediation and facilitation

Expert and qualified mediation and conflict management services for a wide range of commercial, workplace, building, organisational and board disputes.

Training and development packages

We work with individuals and organisations to help them identify internal and external barriers to effectively make decisions about future actions and outcomes.

Conflict management consulting

Assisting communities and organisations, including boards, to develop sustainable governance and policy frameworks, as well as improve engagement, communication and decision-making processes.